Another Girl...

... who saw everything. Or tried to. There's a bit of a kicker.

For Romy

The best documentary I've ever seen about elephants is about a matriarch named Echo. They have years of footage on her and her family.

If you feel that elephants are better than people--like, greater souls--is it a flaky sentiment or does it simply feel that way because your instinct tells you not to betray your species?

For Aline


The Girls Who Saw Everything is, once again, a play!
Of rather epic proportions.

It's being presented by the hugely talented graduating class of the Ryerson Theatre School until the middle of November. In rep. Directed by Ruth Madoc-Jones. I loved it. If you're in Toronto this month, go see it!

Holy Mountain

An Interactive video on the Montreal Mountain. Something that the members of the Lacuna Cabal would appreciate.


Katerina Cizek's great Highrise Interactive.

Both courtesy of the NFB.

The Girls Who Saw Everything (aka The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal) is currently, impossibly, being considered for inclusion in a long list to be whittled down for the next installment of Canada Reads.

Since the members of the Lacuna Cabal would much appreciate the idea of having their book read by many Canadians, I have little choice but to take this bid seriously.

The idea was put forward by a blog called picklemethis, maintained by a woman named Kerry Clare, who is hereby being inducted into full membership, with all existing members, of the Lacuna Cabal Montréal Young Women's Book Club.

There's a poll at the bottom of the page, among all the bloggers' choices. The Girls Who Saw Everything is currently in second place against a serious (as in non-comic) work by an international bestselling author named Kenneth J. Harvey, who incidentally sponsors an annual literary award called the ReLits. In third place is a graphic novel that I've always wanted to read, called Essex County. William Gibson is on there too, but we're all beating him, which is hilarious (I probably shouldn't be mentioning that.) Funny coincidence too because Salam Pax is a big fan of Gibson.

All I can do, in consideration of impossibility, absurdity and humility, is ask all readers, presumptive members of the Lacuna Cabal Montreal Young Women's Book Club, to consider voting for the book on the poll that is now running on the Canada Reads site.

Or, if not, then vote for one of the other books. On that poll or another poll on the site. Or, if not that either, then get out and vote in your municipal election!

Link here.

Yours in Consideration of the Lateness of the Date,

Sean Dixon
The Girls Who Saw Everything
(AKA The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal.)